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Ryder Vintage Leather Backpack
Ryder Vintage Leather Backpack
Ryder Vintage Leather Backpack
Ryder Vintage Leather Backpack
Ryder Vintage Leather Backpack
Ryder Vintage Leather Backpack
Ryder Vintage Leather Backpack
Ryder Vintage Leather Backpack
Ryder Vintage Leather Backpack
Ryder Vintage Leather Backpack

Ryder Vintage Leather Backpack

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"Our bags are made with Crazy Horse Leather, a Premium Full Grain Cowhide. It provides true vintage style and is the most durable of all leathers."

This rucksack-style backpack ticks all the right boxes. It is a truly classic vintage style leather backpack.

Inspired by old-school explorer bags, the Ryder is irresistibly stylish and constructed with an attention to detail that'll make it your go-to pack for whenever you take on the outdoors.

You'll be ready for anything thanks to its large main compartment and three sizeable pockets which gives you all the room you need. Pack a change of clothes,  waterproofs, food, first aid kit, flashlight and more, and you're good to go. Magnetic fasteners and a drawstring closure give you rapid access whenever you need  them.

With its tough leather and heavy-duty precision stitching, you'll get plenty of mileage from the Ryder leather backpack.

Perfect for day trips, hiking and camping.

PLEASE NOTE: Dark brown color seen in reviews has been discontinued.

Please check our shipping page for detailed delivery information.

Material, Dimensions & Capacity:

  • Made of high-quality Crazy Horse leather
  • Dimensions H x W x D:  41cm x 31cm x 17cm (16.2" x 12.25" x 6.7")
  • Weight: 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs)
  • Maximum Capacity (volume): 21.6 liters (1318 cu in.)
  • What Fits: 14" laptop, iPad Pro, A4 books, magazine, pocket books, folding umbrella, etc.


  • Exterior Pockets: 2 magnetic side pockets and 1 magnetic front pocket
  • Interior Pockets: 1 main compartment with a drawstring and buckle, and 1 zipper pocket inside
  • Handmade with careful attention to detail
  • Premium full grain & top grain leather 
  • Durable nylon stitching
  • High-end hardware
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About Our Crazy Horse Leather & Bags
Our bags are made from Premium Full Grain Natural Cowhide Leather. They may have a slightly different color tones than shown in product pictures (A feature that makes each one unique). Marks are common on Crazy Horse Leather...

Crazy Horse leather Improves With Age!

Do not be concerned about marks and color variations, with use crazy horse leather will develop a beautiful patina (a hallmark of high-quality leather). Marks will fade or disappear with use.

What is Full or Top Grain Leather & What is Crazy Horse Leather?

Full Grain Leather is the outer layer of leather exposed to the elements during an animals lifetime, typically from cattle, hence the name cowhide. It is the most durable and highest quality leather available.

Crazy Horse Leather is the toughest of all full grain leathers and is treated with a specialized wax to increase it's durability and resistance to the elements - the process also give Crazy Horse leather that unique vintage appearance.

Top Grain Leather is also the outer layer of leather. However, it may be sanded or buffed out to reduce blemishes and even out the appearance of the surface. It is not as processed as some other forms of leather retaining much of the look many people seek in authentic leather products. Top-grain leather is soft and shows natural character.

What is Genuine Leather?

These days many companies loosely use the term "Genuine Leather" to market inferior leather products as high end leather goods. In most cases genuine leather is the secondary layer of leather split from the top layer (called full grain or top grain). This underlying layer of leather is usually treated and finished to look like full grain leather, but it is no where near as durable as the top layer - full grain leather. Leather goods made from so called genuine leather will not last long.

If the price of a leather product sounds to good to be true, it is likely made from genuine leather, PU Leather (Faux/PVC) or bonded leather (Junk).

High Quality Hardware & Stitching

All our bags are made with heavy duty hardware, rivets and zippers, and stitched with the best bonded nylon thread to ensure stitching does not come apart over time.

At Chilco Leather we want you to enjoy your leather bag for many years and our choice of leather and hardware is reflected in the high quality of our bags.