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VAT & Ordering Information For Our European Visitors

Welcome To Chilco Leather

To ensure you are happy with your purchase from Chilco Leather, there a few things you should know before you browse our website and purchase any items in our store.


What Language Do We Use For Customer Communications

All communications from Chilco Leather to customers around the world is English. We do not offer any other language options. When ordering please be prepared to receive and communicate order and shipping information in English.


We Do Not Include VAT In Our Prices

Since our products are shipped from outside of Europe, we do not add VAT to any product prices, and we do not collect VAT during the checkout process. 

This means it is possible you may have to pay VAT when your order is delivered.

However, we have found that customs processing can be unpredictable, and your order may pass through the system without any VAT tax, or other customs related costs (if applicable, varies by country) - We have no way to know if you will be charged any VAT tax or additional customs fees. Please be prepared that you may have to pay these additional costs.


Shipping To Europe

Orders are shipped to most European countries within 8 days by DHL or UPS Express under normal circumstances. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, DHL and other courier companies recommend allowing up to 2 weeks for delivery. Please allow for potential COVID-19 delays when placing an order. All orders are shipped from Hong Kong, Europe or the USA subject to inventory and the item ordered.


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