Why is it called Crazy Horse Leather?

In the past, and to this day. no matter how strong a horse may be - or Crazy, this leather has always been able to hold them. Hence the name "Crazy Horse Leather". It is the most durable full grain "cowhide" leather available, and it is all we use for our leather goods!


What is Crazy Horse Leather?

Crazy Horse Leather is a type of leather that stands out from the rest. Originally, it was  mainly used to make equestrian goods such as saddles, saddle bags, bridles and so on, which is also known as Saddle Leather. With more and more awareness of the leather’s unique character and durability, today it used for a large variety of bags and accessories.

Crazy Horse Leather is produced using the highest quality full-grain leather that has been treated with a special coating of natural wax to create water and weather-resistant leather that is tough and beautiful. The leather is rubbed and polished to a light sheen that highlights the natural material, giving each bag a vintage rustic appearance with the unique ability to change marks and scratches into a gorgeous look that only gets better with time. Each Crazy Horse Leather bag is unique as they are made entirely of natural material, so each bag has a slightly different color, creating a one-of-a-kind bag.

The treatment of Crazy Horse Leather allows the natural characteristics of the leather stand out. Small scratches, marks, and natural color differences become highlights of the bags and give the leather a vintage style and rustic features. This can be seen in many of our leather bags. Our Monarch Weekender Travel Bag and Rowland Duffle Bag are fine examplea of this leathers character and good looks.



Crazy Horse Leather is known for its durability and the fact that it can absorb natural oils from your hands, which gives it a beautiful patina and adds character to the piece. If you scratch your bag, it will give it a worn vintage appearance, and most will diminish over time.

The handmade process of producing Crazy Horse Leather is what makes it so special and keeps it beautiful day after day. The wax used is highly resistant to water and moisture, making it ideal for making vintage style leather bags. Because of this, Crazy Horse Leather bags still look great after many years.

Buying a Crazy Horse Leather bag is a wise decision because these bags are made to last. They are extremely durable and can withstand years of use and abuse. This is because the leather is natural cowhide that has been specifically treated to be the strongest and most durable leather available.

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